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"It's never been easier."

- Jerry Schneider,
HVAC Contractor,
River City Mechanical NW

Hey, procurement managers and diversity practitioners, is this you?

You hold outreach events. You hand out flyers. You pick up the phone and call people. But your vendor pool isn't growing, and it doesn't reflect your community. Why?

The problem isn't in the events, or the flyers. The problem is that when your interested vendors get home, they all face the same frustration. You're one of many agencies in your region, you're all competing for the attention of your business community, and all the different e-bid platforms are leaving your vendors feeling frustrated.

This is where we come in.

We're the next-generation procurement outreach platform, and we're excited to get your agency's bids and opportunities out in front of a wider, more diverse audience.

What makes us different?

Well, it's simple.

We're a one-stop search engine for contracting opportunities all across your metropolitan region. We combine your contract and RFP database with the other agencies in your region, giving your vendor community one single place to go.

We help you collaborate with the other agencies in your region. Instead of competing with them for vendor attention, your outreach efforts now support one another. Every event you do, every tweet you post, it now has a multiplier effect on your efforts. And your vendors see it.

DBE? Title VI? Section 3?

If you're a program manager in charge of equity and inclusion, you know how hard it is to engage with new vendors. Convincing historically disadvantaged businesses to try and work with your agency is an uphill battle.

Get certified. Take home these flyers. Check our website every week. Read through lists of RFPs. You might be discouraged, but keep reading.

More often than not, new vendors do get discouraged, even overwhelmed, at the amount of administrative work they're asked to do, just to find your contracting opportunities.

We eliminate that work, simplify the process, and create happy vendors who submit bids. But does it work? You bet, and we'll gladly send along letters of reference.

Ready for an easy implementation?

We don't ask you to change your e-bid platform. We don't want you to change your e-bid platform. Keep what you've got, and we'll integrate your contracts and RFPs into our search engine. You don't need to change how you do your job to see great results from Procurement Search.

We work hard to make sure implementation is as easy as possible. You don't need to retrain your staff or change your processes. You don't need to involve IT. In most cases, we can get an agency up and running in less than a week.

Give us a call or send us an email.

We're working with agencies across the Pacific Northwest, and we'd love to work with you, too.

Give us a call at 503-395-5303, or send us an email at info @

"I am happy to say that Procurement Search saved us time on our outreach, and has expanded our outreach activities, giving us the results we were seeking."

- Kimberly Mitchell-Phillips,
Small Business Development Program Manager,
Port of Portland

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